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Aug 22 - 30 2019


Time Zone: UTC+0
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Holistic Management Training, Scotland

A new approach is needed to address the most pressing global problems we face today: global climate change, failing agriculture, increased droughts and flood events, catastrophic rates of soil erosion, hunger and poverty, among other disasters, combined with the broadening recognition that our economic models, based on the flawed presumption of infinite growth in a world of finite resources, are inherently unsustainable.

This new approach needs to involve a paradigm shift, a whole new way of thinking, because the old ways of thinking have helped create these global problems. Holistic Management is a framework for decision-making that supports individuals and groups to make a paradigm shift.

Choose the approach that suits you best. Immerse yourself in the 9-day Comprehensive course, or start with the 3-day Fundamentals course, then pick-up the Advanced 6-day course later on.

Holistic Management Fundamentals 3-Day Course
22-24 August 2019
9:30 AM– 5:00 PM

Comprehensive 9-Day Course
25-30 August 2019
9:30 AM– 5:00 PM
Holistic Management Fundamentals
Holistic Financial Planning
Holistic Ecological Monitoring
Holistic Planned Grazing
Holistic Land Planning

Host Farm & Training Venue: Sailean Farm, Lismore, Oban, Argyll, Lismore, Scotland, PA34 5UL UK

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