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Jul 24 - 26 2019


Time Zone: UTC-5
9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Intro to Holistic Management

The Holistic Management classes will focus on the Foundations of HM. This includes the 4 key insights, nature functions in wholes and patterns, the brittleness scale, the predator prey connection, and the fourth time, governs overgrazing not numbers. Next we will move into holistic decision making. During this time participants will be creating a holistic context and learn to make decisions that satisfy the context. Finally we will be taking a hands on approach to learning about the ecosystem processes. Class will move out to the field to monitor an Ecological Verification Outcome (EOV) site. During this time we will also have a rainfall simulator that demonstrates how important forage and root coverage is. This class will also have the pleasure of hearing from registered dietitian Diana Rodgers from a human nutrition standpoint. Lunch and snacks will be provided on the full days of instruction.

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