Carbon Sync

We’re a team of experts in Western Australia developing carbon farming projects with regenerative agriculture and holistic management principles. Our mission is to restore the wheatbelt and southwest of Western Australia by supporting farmers in every step of their journey.

At Carbon Sync we help farmers adopt new management practices on their farms to enhance the soil biodiversity, increase profitability and reduce inputs.

We do this by teaching farmers how to adjust their existing techniques with the aim to use fewer fertilisers and pesticides, while at the same time increasing the diversity of soil biology. Each farm is different and will have a unique pathway to sequestering carbon in the soil.

The result is healthier soil that retains more moisture and improves the nutrient cycle for pastures and crops.

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Louise Edmonds
  • Carbon Farming Soil
  • Research
  • Cattle / Sheep
  • Meat / Dairy
  • Wool / Fiber
  • Leather
  • Multi-species
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educator
  • Field Professional
  • Master Field Professional
  • EOV Monitor
  • EOV Verifier
  • Commercial Curriculum


Western Australia

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