webinar | DEC. 9th @ 1pm mT (GMT-7)

Careers in Holistic Management: Case Studies from the Savory Network

Come meet Accredited Professionals from around the Savory Global Network and learn the different ways they are scaling Holistic Management in their region.
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About the Webinar

There are many ways to create your own career path with Holistic Management. 

Whether you’re thinking of becoming an Accredited Educator creating a consulting business teaching Holistic Planned Grazing, an EOV monitor helping producers understand their ecosystem processes, or a Master Field Professional consulting with Savory on large-scale projects, this webinar will introduce you to the various options available and allow you to hear from Accredited Professionals (AP’s) from around the Savory Global Network to see how they’ve done it.

Meet the AP’s

Durukan Dudu

Master Field Professional + Hub Leader | Turkey

Born in Istanbul, Durukan has been hands-on working for the “Age of Regeneration” since his early 20’s. He co-founded Anatolian Grasslands in Turkey, one of the first global hubs of Savory Institute. He is a social entrepreneur (Ashoka Fellow since 2017), international consultant & trainer as Savory Master Field Professional for UN/FAO and other clients in over 10 countries so far in Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia. He is co-founder of SafiMera, Turkey’s first regenerative & 100% grassfed brand. Durukan also runs various projects in Europe through his Swedish company.

EOV in Argentina

Pablo Borrelli

Field Professional + EOV Master Verifier + Hub Leader | Argentina

Raised in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina. He graduated as an agronomist in Mar del Plata National University Back in Rio Gallegos, in the 80’s, he worked as a research fellow and consultant, focusing on Patagonian grasslands desertification. He worked advising local producers on grassland management. In the 90’s he was Research Station Director at INTA (National Institute for Agricultural Technology) and in early 00’s he had a position at the National Agriculture Secretary. He mentored a National sheep development policy. Co-founded Ovis 21 with Ricardo Fenton in 2003 with the mission of “promoting a grassland regeneration culture, so the land can sustain people, its business and communities” Along with Ovis 21, introduced many groundbreaking innovations in the sheep sector of Patagonia, including Multi Purpose Merino, the Sustainable Wool chain, and Holistic Management. Holistic Management Educator and leader of the Argentinian SI Hub. As an Educator he worked with more than 50 farms and trained more than 400 HM practitioners in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. In 2011, he developed the Grassland Regeneration and Sustainable Standard (GRASS), with input and revision of The Nature Conservancy. GRASS standard reached near 1,3 million hectares certified in Patagonia, and evolved to become the EOV standard, with contributions from Michigan State University and many long experienced field professionals from the Savory Institute.

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Precious Phiri

Field Professional | Zimbabwe

Precious Phiri is a Zimbabwean Facilitator and Accredited Professional in Holistic Management. She is also a steering Committee member and African Coordinator for Regeneration International. Her work involves, using the Holistic decision making framework for, community organizing, and working with rural communities to learn together and reverse poverty and ecological degradation, bringing communal work to global platforms, supporting online Holistic management courses and networking. She has, over the years, committed to working with different partners in Africa and beyond to keep creating opportunities for communities to change the trajectory of their lives both now and in the future. She continues to learn and grow in many ways in which to get action with communities. Precious has experience working with agro-pastoral and pastoralist communities implementing Holistic Management tools for rangeland and cropfield regeneration, and she continues to engage in the broader regenerative agriculture movement as a trainer.

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis

Professional Educator | Queensland, Australia

Helen is an accredited Professional Educator in Holistic Management with the Savory Institute. Since 2003, Helen has been training Organisations, groups and families in Holistic Decision Making, Holistic Profit Planning and Holistic Planned Grazing. Helen, her husband and their 2 children live on Picots Farm, west of Warwick, Qld Australia- managing holistically with their growing Brangus herd. Helen has a wealth of experience in training groups in Holistic Management, and has a passion for Holistic values based decision making, helping people to have clarity, confidence and a sense of calm with every decision. The Holistic Management process enables people to solve the root causes of problems, be true to their values and consider the people in their life, the environment (on which we depend for a living and life) and our longer-term prosperity with every decision.

Ricardo Aguirre

Ricardo Aguirre

Professional Educator + Hub Leader | Arizona, USA

Mr. Aguirre is the Director of Land Management and Water Security with WEST Consultants, Inc. He has 24 years of experience in engineering with primary skill in hydraulics, hydrology, stormwater infrastructure design, land management, groundwater recharge and project management. He serves as project manager for several NRCS Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention projects and combined flood control design/land management projects. Mr. Aguirre is focused on creating innovative approaches to evolve the conventional engineering perspective by integrating natural processes into large scale engineering projects. His primary professional focus is to implement functional design strategies in an effort to reverse desertification through water harvesting and increasing soil organic matter. The outcomes of which can offer a multitude of synergistic objectives, such as, reducing excess flooding and soil loss, mitigating water, soil and air quality, infiltrating stormwater to recharge groundwater aquifers, preventing wild fires, providing passive irrigation for vegetation, controlling invasive species, lessening the heat island effect and sequestering soil carbon back into the soil.

Elaina Michael

Elaina Michael

Accredited Educator + EOV Monitor | Utah, USA

At California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, Elaina received her Bachelors in Animal Science, followed by a Masters in Agriculture, in which she gained in-depth knowledge of California grass species and their associated digestibilities in beef cattle. As a former collegiate athlete, the connection between health, nutrition, and how food is produced is of utmost importance. Her desire to witness agriculture in other parts of the world led her to farm in Scotland, and herd and milk Sarda sheep in Italy. Her fascination with plant-animal interactions, and the discovery of the work by Fred Provenza, provided her a connection to Utah State University (USU) where Elaina led sheep palatability trials and was highly involved in research on environmental impacts of cattle in multi-species pastures vs. feedlots. She has returned to USU and currently grazes sheep for vegetation management. Beginning in 2018, she spent two and a half years with Point Blue Conservation Science & the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, where she worked closely with landowners in Mariposa County, CA, equipping them with invaluable education on land stewardship. Her thorough work resulted in the development of a Conservation Plan that ranked number one for benefiting declining species in the State of California in March of 2021. Elaina is now an Associate Educator and Ecological Outcome Verification monitor with the Savory Institute, and has partnered with the Miliare Group as a Financial Educator. Her mission is to lead generations back to the land through repairing and improving systems (family, business, land) to function in the way they are meant to be.

DEC 9th @ 1PM MT (GMT-7)


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