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Impacts of holistic planned grazing with bison compared to continuous grazing with cattle in South Dakota shortgrass prairie

Paper assesses Holistic Planned Grazing outcomes in shortgrass prairie of the Northern Great Plains of North America. Researchers compared key ecosystem functions on the ranch of long time Holistic Management practitioner Mimi Hillenbrand who grazes bison, with those on neighboring cattle ranches using using set stocked light continuous (LCG) and heavy continuous grazing (HCG). Positive results with Holistic Planned Grazing (referred to here as Adaptive Multi-Paddock or AMP grazing) include: increased fine litter cover (P < 0.05), improved water infiltration (P < 0.06), two to three times the available forage biomass (P < 0.001), improved plant composition (P < 0.05), decrease in invasive plants (P < 0.05), and decrease in bare ground (P < 0.05).

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